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Welcome to St Johns University, an institution that has been initiated by a group of practicing educationalists.

St Johns University is an interdisciplinary, multicultural institution dedicated to the preparation of adult learners to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing educational world. The University believes that many of our young people are unable to afford the high fees of traditional universities and therefore give up and accept careers less commensurate with their potential abilities.

The philosophy of the founders of the University is a belief in the uniqueness of each individual and the individualisation of learning, offering an alternative route to tertiary education at costs that are affordable in the developing world. The students therefore improve their qualifications becoming better equipped for today's technological age.

The University will give students the opportunity to improve themselves by emphasis on effort and hard work, by the analysis of ideals and by the improvement of technical skills. This will be done by structured formal learning at residential centres, either full-time or part-time. Distance learning programmes may also be available.

Being a private institution located in the British Virgin Islands, we do not fall under the purview or recognition by any Government Accreditation agencies across various affiliated institutions / Countries. We don’t participate in any education delivery or examination process we issue certificates at British Virgin Islands for the validated programs conducted by affiliated institution under our academic credit transfer policy for certifications.

We invite Colleges who share our philosophy to join the University as affiliate practitioner

!!!   Admissons Open  January - February 2012   !!!

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